Week 3 – Close (Acoustic)

I knew heading into this week I wouldn’t have a lot of time to focus on the project (was in Sydney a few days for work among other things) so I decided to strip it back and keep it simple, rather than try to make something big (drums/bass/multiple guitars) and risk not getting something up. Also a great chance for me to attempt recording acoustic guitar with the microphone I bought in week one (Rode NT-USB if anybody’s interested). Firstly, for a USB mic it sounds fantastic! Unless you’re doing high-end studio work this microphone seems to cover all bases. I’ve used it for vocals the last few weeks and it did well, but in my very little experience acoustic guitars always seem to sound “not quite right” so managing to get the guitar sounding half-decent this week was a big win in my eyes.

I need to give a massive thank you to my beautiful fiance for helping me out this week! I wanted to have both sides of the story in this song and need a female voice. My fiance, who isn’t a singer (I’ve heard her hum around the house occasionally and sing properly in the car maybe twice!), graciously lent me her voice for an evening. I think she did an absolutely brilliant job, especially considering I’ve never heard her sing before! So thank you my love, I really appreciate your help.

My main struggle this week was singing. As I’ve mentioned previously I never really sang in my past musical endeavors so I’m still trying to work out exactly how to make my voice do what I’d like it to. It’s also still very strange hearing my voice through headphones while trying to record. I find it quite a drawn-out process trying to get the balance right of how much of me I hear verses how much of the song I can hear. Continued playing around with plugins and such this week. Compression and leveling on the vocals to make them even across the board, etc. I wanted to add a touch of “oldness” to the vocals, like singing through an old microphone, but not too much. There’s a preset in Sans-Amp that models a 147 (old mic) but it’s a tad too intense so I duplicated the vocal tracks, added the effects but brought that tracks volume down, I’m sure there’s a more “proper” way of doing that but I couldn’t work it out and that seemed to do the trick, a light dusting of oldness.

The biggest thing I learnt this week is that I really enjoy writing/playing/recording the bigger rockier songs. I also think my voice suits that style of music a little better (e.g. last weeks). I still have a long way to go in finding “my style” but something tells me it won’t be acoustic… or folk (can’t play banjo).

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m excited to program drums again next week.


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