Week 4 – The One (Acoustic)

Full disclosure: this is not what I was intending to upload this week. I had planned to write/record another “proper” track (multiple guitars/drums/bass/etc) but unfortunately my work life consumed most of my waking hours during the week because we had some issues, I had a heap of social commitments over the weekend and before I knew it I was out of time (again). That being said, I put in a heap of hours instead of sleeping over Fri/Sat/Sun so the song I was going to upload this week will definitely be ready for next Sunday.

So what do we have here..? An extremely rough “one take and move on” type-o deal. This is actually a song I wrote about a year ago (yep, that’s how out of time I was) and never did anything with. I actually don’t mind the song and at some point in future I’ll re-record it as a “proper” track, but for this week, acoustic it is! I pulled this together in a couple hours Sunday afternoon while torrential rain made lagoons in my backyard (you can hear it in the song), so it’s very very rough. It features my guitar playing swinging in and out of being in time which is pretty annoying, playing in time has never really been my forte and I’m hoping playing to a click every week is going to help that with time.

I didn’t learn a great deal this week as I didn’t have the opportunity to spend time exploring/playing around with… well anything really. I’m going to invest a lot more of my time on this project during the coming working week. I really love putting in the time and having the chance to spend hours playing around with everything, from the song structure/melody/lyrics/chords, working out multiple guitar parts, finding nice tones for the instruments, programming drums, playing around with plug-ins, layering different stuff. That’s when I start to figure stuff out, learn how to do different things, when I can actually spend time doing it all.

Silver lining: this is Week 4, I’ve officially hit a month which I’m actually pretty proud of. Before starting this project I wouldn’t touch my guitar for months at a time, I’ve played, written, and sung more in the past four weeks than the past four months combined. I’m nowhere close to where I want to be with anything (writing/playing/singing/recording/producing) but I’m finally taking steps in the right direction, and that’s f***ing exciting.


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