Week 11 & 12 – More to Say (ACOUSTIC)

Yes yes yes, I know. I moved to a song every two weeks so I could spend more time on the production and learning the ropes of production etc etc annnnnd I’ve just uploaded an acoustic, I can explain! I’ve actually had a MASSIVE couple weeks, honestly I’m surprised I’ve managed to get anything online at all. Something I didn’t realise before I started this noble quest (if I may be so bold) is just how much time production takes. Seriously, it takes forever, and then some. You know when you’re at work staring at the clock and you swear to christ it counts backwards every third second..? THAT’S how long recording/producing something properly takes. I honestly had no freakin’ time to work on this project the past couple weeks, I could bore you with the details but point of the story: I had no freakin’ time. BUT I did manage to squeeze in some writing and came up with what you’re hearing.

Production wise I didn’t really learn anything this week as the only real session I had was the last 4hrs I had to record this track. I know! It took 4hrs to record an acoustic and a couple basic vocals (what the fuck right!?). That being said, I really feel I’m managing to get a good sound out of the guitar and vocals and kind of maybe possibly starting to understand how to get things to sound how I hear them in my head. In any case, this “quick acoustic” sounds much nicer than where I started, and even though I didn’t get to spend a whole heap of time working on it this past fortnight, I managed to use my limited time efficiently as I know where things are (in Pro Tools) and what to do to get things cracking, which I think is very exciting. It used to take me half an hour to work out how to get something to record, now that takes two clicks (complete transparency: it always only took “two clicks” but I had no f**king idea where I was meant to be clicking).

Long story short: happy with the song, happy with the sound. If I had longer I would’ve really loved to beef up the production (in that Week 7 & 8 sound I’m in love with at the moment, very excited to explore it more in the coming weeks) but alas, you do what you can with what time you have, and I’m happy with how it sounds.

Catch you in a couple weeks.


P.s. I’m pretty sick at the moment so if you’re wondering why my nose sounds blocked… it’s because my nose is blocked.

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